IM Global

IM GLOBAL was founded by Chief Executive Officer Stuart Ford in 2007. The prolific independent studio operates one of the world’s leading international film, television and music production, sales and distribution platforms, controlling a library of more than 300 films which have collectively grossed more than $6 billion in worldwide box office. The company has financed or produced over thirty Hollywood feature films deploying more than $500 million in production capital, establishing itself as one of the most prolific film financiers outside of the major studios. In June 2016, Los Angeles and Shanghai based investment fund Tang Media Partners (“TMP”) acquired a majority ownership interest in IM Global from shareholders Ford and India’s Reliance Entertainment, and in a parallel transaction the company and TMP partnered under the IM Global Television banner with Asian internet giant Tencent in a television production joint venture which includes a dedicated television production investment fund.

IM Global Music is a full service music platform that exploits music publishing rights, releases soundtrack albums and develops music driven film and television content. The company’s Hong Kong based subsidiary IM Global China handles international distribution of many leading Chinese films, the import of Hollywood titles to the Chinese marketplace and also operates subsidiary Go Global, a marketing and publicity firm devoted to promoting Chinese films and entertainment brands overseas.