Authentic Talent & Literary Management

MANAGEMENT | production

Authentic is by far the largest talent and literary management company in New York, with a thriving office in Los Angeles and a flourishing production arm. We are the only truly bicoastal company of our kind in the entertainment business. We have amazing managers working in both Los Angeles and in New York. 

Established in 2005, we’ve since built unique methods and procedures to ensure our clients get what they want and leave behind a fulfilling legacy they’re proud of. We make a real effort to find out what our clients truly want and then take the necessary actions to create the future they stand for, through collaboration, creation, and tenacity. The outcomes are invariably stellar; our clients star in some of the biggest and most critically acclaimed projects on screen and stage. We’ve developed dozens of careers from the start and worked with our clients to cause new and extraordinary futures. Additionally, we’ve taken on major social and environmental issues both with our clients and as a company which have impacted the quality of life in India, Haiti, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the United States.