Alcon Entertainment


Los Angeles-based Alcon Entertainment develops, finances and produces feature films for broad and diverse audiences.

The Company was born out of a business plan written by co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove for FEDEX Founder, Chairman and CEO Frederick W. Smith, who ultimately agreed to personally finance the Company, which was officially incorporated in January of 1997.

To this day, that plan's fundamental concept remains the core principal of Alcon's business philosophy in that the Company integrates the optimal incentives and fiscal accountability of independent filmmaking with the principal assets of a major studio alliance.

Alcon is an independent film company in the truest sense given that the Company secures its financial resources independently, thus enabling it to focus on and produce economical, cost-effective content, while offering filmmakers and creative talent a streamlined, non-bureaucratic environment in which to work. Early in its history, Alcon established a long-term distribution arrangement with Warner Bros. Under the terms of the deal, Warner Bros distributes the films Alcon finances and produces while the two companies work closely in the marketing of the films.

Alcon offers the considerable advantages of a truly "independent" film environment while concurrently capitalizing on the most important attribute offered by a major studio, namely: access to a powerful, worldwide distribution pipeline. This dynamic combination has allowed Alcon to consistently minimize costs, remain nimble, streamlined, and "filmmaker friendly," while at the same time maximizing each of its films' revenues through Warner Brothers' distribution mechanism. Most crucially, Alcon Entertainment determines its own destiny by retaining ownership of the films it finances/produces.