Walter J. Harvey B.S.C

9.2.1903 - 1979

Walter James Harvey was the elder brother of actress Lilian Harvey. Began as a camera assistant, he first solo credit as director of photography was for Hobson’s Choice (1931 Directed by Thomas Bentley) for British International Pictures. Like many DPs of that era he photographed over 100 low budget movies including The Quatermass Xperiment (1955 Directed by Val Guest) until the 60’s when he moved into television with series such as The Cheaters (1960-62), Richard The Lionheart (1962-63), Beware of the Dog (1964), Gideon C.I.D. (1965-66), Scales of Justice (1966-67), The Saint (1965-67), The Avengers (1968) and The Champions (1968-69).