Stanley W. Sayer B.S.C

11.5.1917 - 5.05.2000

1939-45. Short Docs for RAF.
1948. Supervising Cameraman-The Glory of Sport - Technicolor Feature on UK Olympic; Documentaries include Around The World, Distant Thames-aka-Royal River (In 3D using two Technicolor Three-Strip Cameras), Garden of England.
1960.The Challenge/2nd Unit-My Geisha. 1962.Co-My Kingdom for a Woman.1968.AE RIAL-Mosquito Squadron. 1969.S p.Ph.Fx.-Arthur! Arthur! 1970 - French Loe. Around The World in 80 Days/2nd Unit­ Hell Boats.
From 1977 Travelling Matte consultant. Credits include: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dune, Return to Oz, Willow, Baron Munchausen, Slipstream, Witches Sabbath, Brazil, Legend, Spies Like Us, Hyper Sapier, Eric The Viking, Sullivan Street, Under the Cheery Moon, Never Ending Story II, No Causefor Alarm, A Kiss Before Dying, Year of the Comet, Tango