John Lee B.S.C

JOHN LEE who, with his brother, Benny formed the legendary Lee Lighting. They revolutionised the way films were serviced by lighting companies, blasting their way through the lacklustre companies of the day. I am reliably informed that their first job as Lee Lighting – either officially or unofficially – was the film Phaedra in 1961, Directed by Jules Dassin, starring Melina Mercouri and Anthony Perkins, photographed by French DP Jacques Natteau and gaffered by Bernie Prentice on location in Greece.

In the meantime, undaunted, John and Benny moved ahead in other areas until Benny died from a brain tumour in 1994 and not long after, poor old John suffered a major stroke in 1996. Although he amazingly recovered from that, John was beset by other conditions and infections which he bravely fought until he finally succumbed on April 5th not long after his 76th birthday.