Gerry Anstiss B.S.C

1928 - 20.2.1999

Gerry was a fine operator and the best teacher any aspiring camera assistant could ever wish for. He lived and breathed the camera department and would willingly share his vast knowledge if you wanted to learn. He always knew instinctively how a scene should be photographed, it came easily to him for he was a highly intelligent operator who knew the process of film making so well, and was often way ahead of those around him. He understood how a scene should be covered early on in a 'line-up' and how it should cut smoothly together, with the eye-lines perfect. The right focal length lens, lens height, how to dress a shot properly and imaginatively, he knew how to do it all, sure and confident. How to lay a track, where to place a crane in a precise position, he took it all in his stride - easily. It was a great privilege for me to work with and learn from such a gifted technician.