David Harcourt B.S.C

27.09.1915 - 5.5.2013

Past Associate member of British Society of Cinematographers.  For more than 40 years, until he retired in 1980 aged 65, Harcourt was a camera operator, his eye glued to the viewfinder, the main conduit between the actors and the director on location and studio sets lit by the Director of Photography. Among the great DoPs for whom he operated were Jack Cox, Otto Heller, Christopher Challis. Geoffrey Unsworth and Billy Williams. Born into show business – his father, James Harcourt, and mother, known professionally as Isadora Keith, were both busy actors – Harcourt Jr began in the industry soon after leaving school working in the camera department at Borehamwood’s BIP Studios, known as “The Porridge Factory” because of its Scots owner, John Maxwell.