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The art of making motion pictures.

A film is not only made by the actors or its director. The essential part for creating a cinematic masterpiece is the work of the Cinematographer / or Director of Photography. He makes the bridge between what is the vision of the director and how this can be accomplished by using a camera. Cinematographers help interpret the story for the director, and we bring a unique set of skills that are not only about technology but about visual imaging, visual storytelling. With the current concentration on new digital tools, some misunderstanding about it has evolved; some people think it works well at low light, then make the assumption that we don't need to light, and that's a misinterpretation of what the technology brings.

In this website you will find almost every cinematographer, either a member of a union such as A.S.C / B.S.C A.C.S etc...and any other known union or non-member, as well beginners and cinematographers to be. Not to mention the full list of cameras and lenses which you will be able to find on this website. The purpose of this website is sum up all important and critical information about cinematography in one place, and the ease of access of information such as contact info or representative agency's for those cinematographers worldwide. we did our best to include everyone in the industry If its film or TV or animation and CGI.

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